“How are you? How’s Fluff?”

Five years ago I believed starting another brand would help me find a deeper connection to people and myself. Yet there’s been times as a founder where I’ve felt more lost and disconnected than ever. On these days, I don’t know how to respond when people say, “How are you…

Did I miss something or did we ban magazines from airbrushing and photoshopping their campaign images, but not Instagram for filters?

Are filters the new photoshop? Aren’t they kind of the same thing?

I remember a time where we were so worried about brands setting unrealistic standards of beauty through campaigns with models, who despite being proclaimed genetically ‘elite’ or ‘blessed’ were still being airbrushed to have thinner arms and legs…

I started this company 3 years ago when I was 29 years old. I had experienced what I’m now realizing was a not-so-normal 20s — being involved in two businesses/brands that grew quickly and warped my idea of reality when it came to status, wealth, success, and values. 5 years…

I think about this question a lot.

Most days I’m listening. Other days it’s the last thing on my mind.

Overall, I am happy with our customer feedback. I can count on two hands the number of serious complaints.

Customers love the simplicity of our products — not just the…

We have a pretty simple approach to evolving our brand. Any logical, achievable request from our customers should be prioritised.

Logical meaning it makes sense for us to do it. It’s better for our customers, the planet, and the industry as a whole.

Achievable means we can meet the minimum…

It’s been four months since my last update. I wrote that the saddest thing would be if we came out of COVID-19 unchanged. So what’s changed, and what hasn’t?

Things that have happened lately, if lately is even a thing anymore:

Fluff is doing what our investors didn’t think possible, what the economy doubted was possible, and at one low point, I…

Time since launch: 20 months
$ spent:
$1.2 Mil +
Current challenge:

It’s been 13 days since my last update. Are we fucked? Yes.

The question is how fucked? And for how long?

It’s a challenging time right now for businesses across the world, and of course, the people that…

Time since launch: 20 months
$ spent:
$1.2 Mil +
Current challenge:
Prioritisation, resources, fund allocation.

Fluff Studio: 200 Gertrude St, Fitzroy.

It’s been four months since my last update. Friends ask, what have you been up to and my first thought is: “Oh, you know — the same”.

We’re still here, selling Bronzing Powder —…

Erika Geraerts

previously co-founded frank body and is currently head of Fluff; writing about the process of building a business & brand. www.itsallfluff.com

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