#5 Expectations

Right now, I’m limping.

It’s reasonable to say that every fortnight I have some form of outburst about where Fluff is at. We’ve spent over a year working on this, and while everything is so close, everything still feels so far away. Right now, the only finished product I have is about 50 rolls of packing tape. Some days this thought makes me cry. Most days it makes me laugh.

Most people think that the important thing about starting a company is just starting. Having something ‘out there’ in the world.

Starting a business has become this achievable-for-anybody-lifestyle-choice thing. Which it’s not. We read Tim Ferris and think about passive income streams and imagine a life where we don’t have to do the shit work our boss asks us to do. Which is ridiculous as soon as you think about it: shit work is part of any business. And if it’s your business, it’s your problem.

“Efficiency is a goal, quality is the goal.” Read this too.

Our focus at Fluff is building a strong company that is around for a long time. Not just for the good times. But I personally believe this is the only payoff. And the only way I know this can be achieved is by “Focus[ing] on what we can control.” Currently, there is so much out of our control — and, save me jumping on a plane to Italy and sitting on the production line — we’re doing everything we can to launch this brand within our forecasted timeline.



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Erika Geraerts

Erika Geraerts

I write an infrequent newsletter about the overlap of business and personal life.