#23 Zig Zag

The truth.

We need to re-assess our business model. We’re constantly balancing capital and stock levels. Every dollar we get goes straight back into the business. It’s been 12 months since our Bronzing Powder compacts were available.They’re on their way, but by the time we pay their balance, customs duties, and fulfil our preorder postage costs, along with general operating expenses, we’ll be back to square one. We didn’t want to have another sale, so we’re looking at ways of cutting back our outgoings, rather than just looking at ways of increasing our income.

The plan.

Slower is faster. Take a break from sales. Reset the model. Catch up. Do what we’re best at: talk to our customers. Ask questions. Look back on why we started, and see what feels good and true, and what needs to be looked at anew. Create more content we’re proud of. Less sales posts on the feed. More art that starts conversation.

The goal.

Change. To move our business model to one based on supply and demand (for new customers), and then offering our loyal customers a subscription service, so they never feel like they’ll run out.


All this happened amongst a pretty turbulent start to my year. I thought my theme was persistence but perhaps as I write this I’m realising it’s honesty.



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Erika Geraerts

Erika Geraerts

I write an infrequent newsletter about the overlap of business and personal life.